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​"Be ready for your change.

Let's focus on your health and happiness"

Hi, I'm Tomoko. 

Holistic Health Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Chef & Kids Yoga  Instructor. 

I'm here to share my knowledge and ideas to support you to go on your healthy and happy life.

I totally understand your frustration and confusion about what to eat and what to follow toward your health. 

I will be there to guide and keep you motivated along with your life changing.

Seeing other people become healthier and reach their goals makes me happy.

That's my motivation for my life!


Recipes & Tips 


Making your own dishes and snacks keeps you manageable for your health. I share simple cooking recipes and tips to stay on your truck for your healthy life journey.

Health Coaching 


​This session is for supporting your lifestyle transformation to be the best version of you. Health Coach will take a holistic approach and tailor individualized wellness programs for you.

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