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Easy Carrot Soup without Soup Stock (Vegan)

Updated: May 18, 2021

Do you want something to boost your immune system? Soups are great ways to add vegetables to your diet. It is also the best way to offer picky-eaters. Having salad or soup before heavy main dishes protects you from over-eating.

Easy carrot soup without soup stock (Vegan)

This is tasty soup that you can make it without any soup stock. All you need for taste are salt and Mushroom Umami seasoning from Trader Joe’s. The Umami seasoning has red pepper in it, so that makes the soup a bit spicy and addictive. If you like ginger, try to add it to this soup. It makes more tasty.


  • Medium Carrots  3  (chopped carrot 2 to 2.5cups)

  • Celery   2-3  (chopped celery ½ to 1 cup)

  • Large white onion    1/2

  • Oil   1Table spoon ( Any oil you use for stir-fry. I used avocado oil)

  • Trader Joe’s Mushroom Umami seasoning  1 teaspoon

  • Salt     ½ teaspoon

  • Dried Oregano (as a garnish)

  1. Pour oil in a pot and stir-fry sliced white onion for about 2 min.

  2. Add chopped celery in the pot and continue stir-frying them.

  3. Add chopped carrots, water and Uami sesoning, then bring to a boil. Cover the pot and simmer until the carrots become soft.

  4. Turn off the heat once the carrots become soft. Leave it for a while to cool down a lttle bit in order to be able to put in the brender. 

  5. Transfer the soup to the brender, brend well untill the soup gets smooth. 

  6. Put back in the pot and add salt to finish. 

  7. Serve in a soup bowl and add oregano as a garnish if you like.

Please tag me @tomokowellness if you try my recipe and post on your SNS!!

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